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Palisade Fencing

Palisade Fencing for the UK & Exported Worldwide

Palisade fencing is becoming more popular, and because of its strength and security, Steel Palisade fencing offers the ideal deterrent for crime. Designed specifically for security fencing applications, Palisade high security fencing is used extensively by local authorities and businesses as the ideal visual barrier against would-be intruders, ensuring safety as well as peace of mind.

What We Can Do For You

Total Secure Fencing can supply palisade fencing throughout the UK and worldwide. We are able to quote for any amount of fencing in any area of the world at competitive rates.

Total Secure Fencing also supply palisade clad, pedestrian and vehicular access gates, both swing and sliding, which are fitted with sliding latches as standard or can be automated.

Palisade Fencing

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